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Refund Policy

Warcraft Boosts offer partial or full refund for the cases mentioned below. If you are not satisfied with out services in any way, you have 48 hours to contact us and ask for a refund.

Full Refunds

You are eligible for a full refund if:

  • The service is not what was agreed upon
  • The service is not completed within 150% of the original service time (e.g. Service says up to 24 hours and your boost is not completed in 36 hours)
  • The service has not started yet and you would like to cancel it

We cover the fees for the first two cases up to 50% of the original payment.

Partial Refunds

You are eligible for a partial refund if:

  • You would like to cancel an ongoing boost

If you like to request a refund, contact us via [email protected]

You can also contact us via discord so our support team guide you through the request.