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Torghast Boost

Torghast Boost




Torghast, Tower of the Damned is a new content added in Shadowlands. It has similarities with Patch 8.3 Visions of N’zoth but different in essence. Torghast plays an important role in character progression and Legendary crafting. With our Torghast boost service You can complete Torghast and get your Soul Ash and weekly rewards and save your time!

Torghast has 2 wings available every week, each wing has 3 layers and each layer has 6 floors. If you unlocked the highest layer, you can do it and get ALL the rewards for that wing. If you have not unlocked the highest layer, you can let us do it! This Boost is available in both Account Sharing and Self-play

What Will I Get?

  • Layers unlocked (if you select the option)
  • Torghast selected layer completed (All reward from lower layers of that wing will be completed
  • Soul Ash (If you have not completed Torghast this week)

How Long Will it Take?

Each layers takes up to 60 minutes to complete after connecting with the Torghast Booster.


  • Level 60 Character. If you don’t have one take advantage of our Level 50-60 Boost.
  • Selected Layer Unlocked (You can let us unlock it by selecting the option)
  • Boost is done either Account Sharing or Self-play
  • Average item level 150 for Layer 3 on Account Sharing