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Shadowlands 1-50 Powerleveling

Shadowlands 1-50 Powerleveling




Level up your character to anywhere between 10 to 50 with our Shadowlands powerleveling service, provided to you by experienced boosters.

All of our services are done hand-made by professional players with years of experience, to ensure your account safety and a smooth experience for you. Everything gained during the level up stays in your character.

What will I Get?

  • Your character will be leveled up to the selected level
  • Everything gained during the level up will stays in your account (gold, items, etc.)

How Long Will it take?

  • It depends on what level you select. for 1-50 service, it can take up to 2 days


  • Active Game time
  • Account Sharing (done securely, we use VPN of your country and take safety measures to keep your account safe)