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Shadowlands 50-60 Powerleveling

Shadowlands 50-60 Powerleveling


This service is NOT region/faction specific.



With our Shadowlands 50-60 level boost, level up your character to the new max level and dive into the Shadowlands!

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands introduced the new leveling squish that reduced max level to 60. With our leveling boost you can get your character to the max level as soon as you want it. Upon reaching level 60, you get access to everything introduced for Shadowlands end-game including covenants.

All of our services are done hand-made by professional players with years of experience, to ensure your account safety and a smooth experience for you. Everything gained during the level up stays in your character.

What will I Get?

  • Your character will be leveled up to level 60
  • Achievements and new items available in Shadowlands
  • Everything gained during the level up will stays in your account (gold, items, etc.)

How Long Will it take?

  • You can select your boost speed. The boost speed indicate how long will it take at most. It might get done sooner.


  • Active Game time
  • Shadowlands expansion
  • A level 50+ character. if you don’t have one, order our 1-50 Shadowlands character powerleveling
  • Account Sharing (done securely, we use VPN of your country and take safety measures to keep your account safe)

We DO NOT ask for your secret question, your accounts stays safe and no risk of theft.