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Shadowlands Engineering (0 – 100)


With our Shadowlands Engineering skill up service we will skill up your engineering profession in no time. This service is done via Account Sharing (Self-play will be available soon). You can increase your skill to the desired level and start creating items to use and sell to people.

Engineering, like other professions, received a lot of changes in Shadowlands. You can now create useful items for yourself or others to use, like optional reagents to get specific stats or effects on your items, or an item to resurrect players.

Shadowlands Engineering can be trained at the Hall of Shapes in Oribos from Machinist Au’gur. The main reagent necessary to skill up Engineering comes from Mining.

What Will I Get?

  • Your engineering skilled up to your selected skill
  • All items created will stay in your account


  • Level 60 Character & active game time
  • Mining (If you don’t have mining, you can order our Mining skill up service or select “I don’t have mining” option)