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Raider.io Mythic Score


Raider.io is a Mythic+/Raiding Progression ranking site that gives your character a rank based on your Mythic+ activities. The higher key you complete the better score you get, while in time mythic+ runs will earn you a better score.

Raider.io Mythic+ Score helps you join high mythic+ groups and guilds easily. With this service we will boost your Rio score to what you want.

What Will I Get?

Boosters will take your character through series of mythic+ runs. Amount of runs/Mythic+ level is not fixed and will change based on your score selection.

Depending on your selection and Mythic+ level, boosters will trade you all tradable items. You might also earn achievements.

How long will it take?

The ETA depends on your selected Raider.io Mythic score, but can take up to 10 days.