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Mythic+ Boost Shadowlands (2-15) [EU]

Mythic+ Boost Shadowlands (2-15) [EU]




With this Mythic+ Boost you will get a Mythic Plus Carry (Self-play or Account Share) of a random dungeon or a specific dungeon.


What Will I Get?

By buying Mythic+ Boost, Boosters will complete a random or specific mythic+ dungeon for you. You will get all tradeable items (Shadowlands Mythic+ drops one item per run) at the end of the run, and one item at the weekly chest. The item level depends on the dungeon key level and timer option (See table below).

Shadowlands Season 1 Mythic+ Item drop table

Keystone End of Run Weekly Great Vault (Weekly Chest)
Mythic+ 2 187 200
Mythic+ 3 190 203
Mythic+ 4 194 207
Mythic+ 5 194 210
Mythic+ 6 197 210
Mythic+ 7 200 213
Mythic+ 8 200 216
Mythic+ 9 200 216
Mythic+ 10 204 220
Mythic+ 11 204 220
Mythic+ 12 207 223
Mythic+ 13 207 223
Mythic+ 14 207 226
Mythic+ 15 210 226


How long will it take?

After your payment, we will contact you and connect you with the boosters as soon as possible. In time mode boost takes less time than the dungeon timer. Weekly mythic+ boost mode takes around 30-45 minutes (rarely, it can take a little more than that).


Money back guarantee

  • If the boosters fail to complete the dungeon in-time, you are eligible for a refund.
    • Only applies to in-time mode
    • Only applies if you are not responsible for the fails


Due to game mechanics and how Shadowlands personal loot works, boosters might not be able to trade the item with you. If you want more chance to get the item, asks us for armor trade type stacking (additional fees may apply).