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Classic Tailoring (0 – 300)

Classic Tailoring (0 – 300)

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Tailoring is a World of Warcraft profession used to craft Cloth  items, weapons and bags, it is widely used by cloth wearing classes. Tailoring requires cloths to craft items.

Increase your Classic profession Tailoring to your selected skill level with our profession skill up boost.

What Will I Get?

With this service, we will boost your Tailoring skill to your desired skill level.

This boost is available in two options: Self-playAccount Sharing:

  • With Self Play classic tailoring boost we will trade you items to build and increase your skill. This is not available in all realms. Contact us before buying.
  • With Account Sharing classic tailoring boost we will skill up your profession by logging into your account.

How long will it take?

  • On self-play mode, as long as it takes to create all the items needed.
  • On account sharing method, it might take anytime between 1-3 days.


  • You need level 60 character
  • An active game time