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Anima Grind

Anima Grind




Anima is the new main Shadowlands currency used for cosmetic and Renown weekly quests. It has an impact on your character progression but has a farm cap. With our Anima Grind service, we will grind your desired amount of Anima to power your character in Shadowlands. This boost is done via Account Sharing (Self-play mode not available yet).

You can use those Anima to get cosmetics or progress in your covenant research and get renown weekly quests done. Anima is also used in Anima Conductors to unlock new world quests, rare and treasures. Anima is used to power up your soulbind, a new Shadowlands feature, and progress your character’s passive power.

You can also order our World Quest grind service to earn anima and other rewards.

What Will I Get?

  • Our boosters will grind your select amount of Anima for your character.

How Long Will it Take?

  • Time required depends on your selected amount of Anima. Contact us for accurate time.


  • A level 60 Character. If you don’t have one, get our Shadowlands 50-60 Boost
  • (Optional but preferred) Maw unlocked
  • Active game time