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How Shadowlands Legendaries Work?

December 1, 2020

World of Warcraft Shadowlands introduced a new system of legendaries in place of the Battle for Azeroth cloak legendary, that we will go through how Shadowlands legendaries work and how to acquire them.

Legendaries always played a special role in player progression every expansion of WoW, and every expansion had somewhat similar process of acquiring legendaries. Classic up until Legion, you had to do quests and in Legion, legendaries were dropped randomly from any world activity that dropped loot.

Blizzard is now experimenting with another type of legendary system: Runecarving

Table of Contents

What is Runecarving?

Runecarving is the new system to craft legendaries with. Let’s see an overview of it:

  • Unlock Runecarving (Unlocked after doing Torghast introduction)
  • Gather 1250 Soul Ash
  • Acquire a legendary base item (from professions, can be bought/sold on AH)
  • Acquire a runecarver memory (basically, its an spell to forge into the legendary)
  • Buy/craft Missives from Auction House (Crafted by inscription)

Unlocking Runecarving

Runecarving is unlocked after doing a short introduction quest. This quest is available after unlocking Torghast, the Tower of the Damned and doing the intro quest.

The runecarver require you to do a series of quests and bring him keys and for the final quest you are required to bring 1250 Soul Ash.

Crafting Legendaries

After unlocking Runecarving, you need to get a base item and a runecarver memory.

Base Items

Base items are crafted by Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Tailoring, and Jewelcrafting and can be bought and sold on Auction House. They don’t require you to know any profession. Base Items are available for ALL slots (except for trinket). This mean you can select what slot you want to equip your legendary.

To craft Base Items you need to complete Torghast introduction quest and free Runecarver. After that you can a get quest from Runecarver that teach you their recipes.

Example Base item, required to how shadowlands legendaries work

Runecarver Memory

You also need Runecarver memory, they are basically the spell you want to attach to the legendary. Each runecarver memory has a drop location so it is possible to target a specific spell for your legendary.

Memory of the runecarver, part of how Shadowlands legendaries work


Missives are also required to craft the legendary. Missives are crafted by Inscription, and they provide a secondary stat for the legendary (For example, Missive of Haste). You can buy/sell them on Auction House and get your desired stat for your legendary.

Soul Ash

Soul ash is the currency gained from doing Torghast every week. Every week 2 wings of Torghast are available and up to 8 layers (3 Layers for first week of launch, and additional layers unlocking weeks after that).

Each layer will reward soul ash and higher layers reward all the rewards from lower levels. Once you have highest layer unlocked, you can only do that every week. You can use our Torghast boost and save your time in the tower.

image 4


after collecting all these items, you have to visit Runecarver and place all the items in the Rune Carving panel and you have your legendary and this is how Shadowlands legendaries work.

image 5

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